Guitar Lessons


Private lessons on electric or acoustic are offered for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  A typical lesson includes instruction on performance, technique, and theory. Students work on a variety of musical concepts that may include scales, chords, modes, rock songs, jazz songs, classical music, ear training, rhythm, improvisation, arranging, song writing, fingerpicking, strumming patterns, practice techniques, performance prep, etc.

Books & Repertoire

Some method books used include Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, and FJH. Some students opt out of method books and simply want to learn chords, tabs, and/or specific songs. Whatever your goals, I can cater towards the best lesson for you.

Students are encouraged to make a list of songs, artists or bands that they like. We do our best to accommodate these requests and provide the songs at a level the student can play.  Requests can include artists and bands like The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and much much more!

Young Students

It is recommended that children starting guitar should be 6 years or older.  Of course, this is a generalization, and some may be ready sooner.  Guitar provides a challenge for young learners because careful hand-eye coordination is necessary to achieve a sound (press down your finger, use the other hand to pluck the same string, press down hard enough).  However, if the child is able, guitar can be a great tool to develop fine motor skills in a fun and motivating way.

Kids learning guitar should purchase a 1/2 size or 3/4 size guitar.  In many cases, it is also recommended to buy nylon strings instead of steel.  Nylon strings are much easier to press down, thus it is much easier for the student to produce clear notes.  Songs and chords are also simplified so that the student can start playing guitar right away.  The FJH Guitar Method series is used for young beginners.